Martin Ignatius Broderick

Kathleen Mary Hancock

1906-1989 1906-1987



Christened Called
Gregory Martin Greg 09-08-1936  
Anne Therese Anne 29-03-1939  
Mary Molly 30-10-1940  
James William Joe 08-10-1942  
Kathleen Elizabeth Kathy 08-10-1942  


Mart and Kath farmed at "Cranbrook", a property which adjoined Avondale. He ran a small dairy for Major Mitchell. During the war Italian POWs were sent to this area. Dante, lived and worked with Mart and Kath, and many a Sunday lunch menu was spaghetti, hand made and rolled by the Italian.
Mart and Kath moved to Avondale in the late 1940's and operated the farm together with their children.

Mart was very interested in horses and had a wonderful team of draught horses. He also had a chestnut gelding called Paddy, and won many prizes with him in the sulky section of the shows. Being president of the Forbes show for several years, Mart was made a life member of the society.

Mart was a keen member of the agricultural bureau, both in the Gunning Gap area and the Western division, holding executive positions in both.

Mart's reputation as a yarn teller was well known. The district and his family enjoyed many a 'goat' yarn which would start as one point and continue on to several more before finishing at the origin, and always his infectious laugh would mould around you.

Kath loved her music and was a talented pianist and choir mistress. Through the CWA she took the Bogan Gate choir to great heights, winning the state title with excerpts from 'Iolanthe'.
When Mart retired, Avondale was bought by Dick and Anne Hodges, Anne being Mart's daughter.